London wedding photography by a team of talented and friendly photographers

 London Wedding Photography and Civil Partnership Photographer

Even though, for most, the day of your wedding or civil partnership is just like any other day, for you it’s special. Oh sure, there are many special days in your life, like your first kiss, but it would be rather creepy to hire a photographer to capture that event. However, for this day you want to make sure that it’s captured in a stylish, beautiful way.

This is the day that you want to share the start of your new future with friends and family. And for those who were invited, but didn’t attend, you want to rub their noses in it.

We are not just another London wedding photography company. No, no. Okay, maybe we are another London wedding photography company, but we are the one that makes the most sense.

Lumina is comprised of a number of talented and like-minded photographers who have joined forces, not unlike superheroes, to provide you with unsurpassed artistic photography for much less than you’d expect. If you were to contract any of our photographers individually for your wedding or civil partnership photography, the fees would be much higher. And they’d be worth every penny. Okay, it would be an awful lot of pennies, but again, they’d be worth it. Booking your event through Lumina, you will work seamlessly with friendly and talented photographers who will capture all of the beauty, elegance, magnificence and that one drunken uncle who really can’t dance.

Why do we do this so inexpensively? Well, our photographers are not only talented, they’re smart. We are a business, and the word busy is right there in the word business. Okay, the “Y” is missing, but you get the point. We’d rather be busy. It’s good for busy-ness.

At Lumina, with our vast array of talent, we are able to match a photographer for your wedding or civil partnership, to the personality of your event. Our photographers will observe and record special moments that you may not have known happened – until you look at our work.

In addition to being impressively professional, our photographers are personable, likable and blend right into your event, all the while capturing it in memorable detail.

So, with Lumina you get talented, smart and fun. Oh yeah, and remarkably priced. So contact us, already. Your future will thank you for it.

Wedding Photography

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